Rental Competition Suits


Rules and Policies

Your specific show date is required for any rental. RENTAL AGREEMENT with credit card authorization has to be filled in, signed and sent to along with your order number. Once we receive all the information, we will get your rental ready for shipping. Package will be sent via USPS Priority Mail. We will ship your suit ten days before your show to ensure that you receive it on time. The suit must be shipped back in our facility within 5 days of the completion of your show. 5-th day after your show day is your due date. There is a $20 per day late fee for any suit that is sent back after the 5-day window. If your show date changes and you need to adjust your rental date, please contact us ASAP to guarantee that the suit is available for your new date. If you decided to no longer compete and we held your suit for you for more than 30 -days period total, your rental fee will be returned to you in the form of store credit.

Rental Specifics:

Each suit available for rent is described in detail on the listing. It is competitor’s responsibility to go through the sizing and measurement information before placing an order. If your measurements do not fit the description, the suit will not fit! The person ordered and signed the agreement is the only person allowed to wear a rented suit. Do not loan your suit, as if it’s noticed that you did, you’ll be charged another rental fee. You’ll receive your suit with a list of cleaning instructions. Once you receive your rental suit let us know immediately if there’s any problems. If your suit doesn’t fit as expected, we will do what we can to troubleshoot, but please note that since the suits are rentals, custom fit cannot be guaranteed. Competitor is not allowed to make any permanent alterations on the suit, it’s considered irreparable damage and requires a full cost of the suit to be paid. If your suit just does not fit whatsoever, return it to us immediately using the same package and return shipping label included in the package. In this case you’ll be provided a store credit that can be used towards the purchase of a new competition suit or renting of another suit.

Care and Cleaning:

Do not keep your rental in any moist or hot places, like bathroom.

Do not use bikini glue to keep your suit in place. Bikini glue is impossible to take off the suit, it’s considered irreparable damage, and you’ll be responsible for a full cost of the suit. You can use 2-way tape, which can be easily peeled off your skin and reapplied if needed. Competitor is responsible for cleaning the suit before returning it.

DO NOT machine wash!

DO NOT dry clean!

DO NOT soak for a long time or bleach!

DO NOT scrub or twist!

Suits must be hand washed within a few hours after your show, the sooner the better. Soak the suit in lukewarm water and gently scrub from inside with mild detergents. Rinse is repeatedly until water run clear. Hang it dry. If a suit isn’t properly cleaned before being returned, you’ll be charged $50 cleaning fee. The main goal is to take off excessive tan. All suits are sterilized as they return to the facility. Send your suit back dry! Do not put wet suit in the package as it can cause odor and mold.


If a suit is returned in a damaged, but in repairable state, a $50 damage fee will be charged to your credit card. If a suit is returned and is damaged beyond repair, you will be contacted and charged for damages up to the remaining balance of the suit as it’s shown on the website on that moment of time.


Send your cleaned and dry suit back via USPS, in the original packaging, using the paid return label that we provide. Stick the return label directly over the old label and take it to your nearest Post Office. This has to be done no later than 5 days after your show date as it is on the contract. If you use another company to ship the package and it gets lost, you’ll be responsible for the full cost of the suit. Once the suit arrives to the facility, we inspect it and reach out to you to confirm the arrival, suit condition and additional charges that may occur.