Bodybuilding is a beautiful sport we are very passionate about, but it’s very expensive! Our mission here is to make your journey to the stage easier providing whole variety of gorgeous and affordable competition and posing suits.

Our competition bikinis embellished with Preciosa or Bohemian crystals which allows us to keep our suit prices within budget-friendly zone. We pursue excellent quality and classy design for our suits. We understand how important stage presence is, and work hard to make every bikini suit unique.

Here on this website you will find huge selection of posing suits and ready competition suit designs. However, if none of the suits we have on the web site is for your liking, we will be glad to create a custom suit according to your vision. If you would like us to create a custom suit, click here to request custom order form. There's no payment required to send your order, we'll get back to you as soon as we get all your information and calculate the price.

If you have questions, contact us any time through the website, email, or text.