How to Take Measurements

When ordering your bikini, you need to take your measurements, whether it's a custom design or a premade suit. We ask for a few standard measurements that are easy to take on your own. Please make sure you take them exactly like it's shown on the pictures. 

The information needed is:

1. Your height

2. Your current weight and projected weight loss if you're measuring for a competition suit. 

3. Your bra cup size. Sizing for your bikini top IS NOT based on your clothing top size, it's based on your bra cup size, we need to ensure the triangles will cover your breasts sufficiently. 

4. If you're ordering your suit with a back hook or a crystal strap, please measure your rib cage. Wrap your measuring tape right under your breasts. 


5. One of the most important measurements is your hip measurement! Please measure your hips around the WIDEST part. We don't ask for your hip bone measurement; we go with the widest part to ensure that you'll be able to pull your bottoms thru the widest part of your hips. If you are confused how to measure it, simply identify where your glutes stick out the most and measure around this area.


6. In some situations we ask for your crotch measurement. We don't need it for every suit, but if you have a longer torso, c-section scar, saggy skin or stretch marks you'd like to cover, please provide this measurement so we ensure sufficient amount of coverage. 

Since competition suit bottoms have a very specific cut with a dip on the back, this measurement must be taken in a more specific way. Put the beginning of the tape right above that point where you want your front edge to be, then run the tape between your legs and stop right above the butt crack. This is where the back edge of your bottoms will be. The number between point A and point B is your crotch measurement we need for your competition suit. 


If you still have any questions regarding how to measure yourself and determine you size, please don't hesitate to reach out thru the chat or contact form. You can also schedule a consultation and we will be happy to assist you!

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