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We do not recommend ordering your suit too early, especially if you didn’t compete before. We have short turnaround time, which is currently about 2 weeks, so you can safely order your suit when you are weeks from your show. Your measurements will be close to the show day measurements, and this time frame is large enough to make any alterations for your suit if

The only case it’s good to order your suit earlier is if you are an established competitor and know your competition weight and size.

We use different types of rhinestones
for OMG Bikinis suits, which reflects in the price. Budget competition suit
also have reduced stone coverage and simplistic designs, however they are made using
exact same technology and equipment as the rest of the suits and comes with
best on the market Preciosa connectors.

Yes, we do! Please check this collection of designs, each of them can be made for figure/wpd, you simply need
to choose figure upgrade while you’re working on your order. You will receive your suit made with V-shaped bottoms with hooks and crisscross back straps. If you’re looking to create a custom suit with a crystal design, please visit this page for more information.

We do not offer this service at the moment, but we are looking forward to it in the future as company grows.

The most important measurements for your suit are hip measurement, crotch measurement, bra cup size and rib cagemeasurement. Measure your hips in the widest area keeping your legs together.
Crotch measurement is taken from the point above your pubic hair, where you wantthe front edge of your suit to be, to the point on the back side right above your butt crack. Be as precise as you can with these two measurements, don’t add anything extra because you might end up having a suit that is too loose for you. Bra cup size is your regular size you buy from the store. Rib cage is measured under your breast, please make sure you don’t hold much air in your lungs while you’re taking it.

We recommend Pro Cut for your
suit, it’s accepted by the most bodybuilding federations like NPC, IFBB, NANBF,
WBFF, OCB. It provides minimal coverage for your glutes and guarantees the best
look for your glutes on stage. If you don’t feel comfortable showing too much, the
next option is Brazilian or Moderate Cut.

We can definitely do it for you,
just put this request in the note field which comes with every order. We
carefully go through all the notes to ensure that you get exactly what you

Our suits come with sliding triangle bra cups by default, but you can upgrade your bra to molded cups. It’s optional, but I do recommend it because it provides more security, support in volume for your bust. Also molded cups are sewn together, so they won’t slide, and your bra will stay in place. If you compete in wellness division, you can also choose Wellness Bra Cups.

When you order competition suit extra padding will be included and inserted in your bra. We do recommend keeping it, it always improved the look and creates push up effect. Competition suits also come with some teddy bear stuffing, which is optional to use.

The best way to do it is to split the amount in two parts and carefully stick it into outer lower corner of each bra cup. It will push your breast to the center and up and will make the cleavage look fuller.

Posing suits do not have padding included, but you can add it while you’re placing your order. It’s the same type of padding that comes with competition suits. Please note that bra pads will be cut to your size and inserted in the bra cups.

Tying your bottoms with long ties is a traditional way of wearing them, so if this is what you like you should order your bottoms with side ties. If you don’t want ties hanging on the sides of your hips, you can choose adjustable sliders. There’s no difference in the price for that.

There will be a difference between how your suit looks on you in the beginning of your prep and in the end of the
prep regardless of how much weight you will lose. Our posing suits are adjustable so you can order a size that will fit you now and adjust it as your weight loss progresses. In case of extreme weight loss, you might need another smaller posing suit closer to the end of your prep.

Yes, we do, so if you own an OMG Bikinis posing suit you can expect your competition suit to fit you the same way.

All companies use their own patterns and different technologies to manufacture their suits, so you shouldn’t
expect that suits from different companies will fit the same way. It’s always good to go through the sizing guide and take your measurements before you place your order. If you have any questions about the sizing and measurements, you can always
send us a message.

Yes, all our suits have full soft and stretchy lining to provide the best comfort.

Yes, you can do that. Please reach out to us through the contact form or text to request a special code for your order, which will cut the price in half. When you’re placing your order, specify in the notes what part of the suit do you need made for you.

We can embellish your posing suit with crystals, but each order like that is custom and has to be discussed before order is placed. Please text or send us a request through the contact form.

Competition suits take up to 2 weeks to be manufactured, posing suits and swimwear take 2-3 business days. ‘Ships tomorrow’ suits are already made and will ship within 24-hour period. Please take in consideration weekends and holidays.

Yes, we provide free alterations within 30-days period after your suit was delivered. If you need an alteration, you send your suit with instructions on what needs to be done to our facility and after it’s done, we send it back to you. Please note that each side is responsible for their own shipping expenses. Please also make sure that there’s at least 2 weeks before your show.

Yes, we provide maintenance for our suits and other companies’ suits as well. Please reach out to us and describe what you’re looking for, so we can assess the cost and the timing. We can do a connector change, apply missing stones, etc.

You will get a notification that we received your order and another one when your order is shipped with your tracking number. We will also reach out if we need extra information from you. Please make sure that you put your email in your order and you can receive these notifications.

Yes, we do! International shipping is calculated at the checkout. Please make sure to add a few more weeks to your order to arrive on time. We do not have any control over packages once they leave the facility and don’t have any power over customs.

You can cancel your order within the same business day as you ordered your suit. Please send us request as soon as possible. We won’t be able to cancel your order once it’s cut and got into production or already shipped.

When you pay for priority mail express, it only affects how fast USPS will do their job. It does not affect how fast your suit will be manufactured. It will still take 2-3 business days for posing suits and swimwear and up to 2 weeks for competition suits, because each suit is made from scratch to an order except ‘ships tomorrow’ suits.

We offer Shop Pay which will break down your payment in 4 parts with no interest. Your order value should be over $50 to qualify.

No, suits are not returnable, please double check all the details with your coach before you order to make sure your competition plans are on.

Yes, you can absolutely change it before your order ships. Reach out to us with your order number and correct address via text or contact form.

Orders are shipped priority mail unless you chose priority mail express. International orders are shipped via UPS. Each order provides a tracking number.

You can add additional items to your order before it ships. Reach out to us via text or contact form with your order number, you will be given a discount code removing a shipping charge for the items you want to add. Please be aware that it can affect general manufacturing time, depends on what you wish to add to your order.

Yes, if you’d like to lock the price for your suit, please reach out to us the same day you place your order and let us know that you want to put it on hold. There’s no time limitation for the hold, but we won’t be able to cancel it and refund you after 30-days period if your competition plans change.

No, you cannot add up discount codes, if you have a few, please use the one with maximum discount.

No, discounts to not add, if the item you’re looking to purchase is on sale, this price is final.

We have Black Friday Sale following by Cyber Monday Sale each year, according to the calendar. If you’d like to be notified about the start of BFCM Sale, please follow us on Instagram or/and subscribe to our newsletter. BFCM Sale is the biggest sale of the year with 30% discount on most items.

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