Rental policy

  • Rental suit provided for 2 weeks period.
  • OMG Bikinis requires $50 fully refundable deposit for every suit. You receive your deposit back as soon as we receive rented suit.
  • Rental suits are for competition stage only, not for posing practice.
  • Rental suit is for one show only, if you would like to keep rental suit for additional show, you are obligated to pay 50% extension fee.
  • Rental suit mailed on Monday, the week before competition, and its due back Monday after competition.
  • We do not send rentals out for fitting. If you located in Los Angeles area, you can schedule private fitting. We can also provide Facetime consultation before your rental is mailed to make sure it properly fit.
  • If suit wasn’t received by due date, OMG Bikinis applies $10/day late fee, charged on your credit card.
  • You receive your suit cleaned and are obligated to send it back cleaned. If rental retuned uncleaned, $30 cleaning fee will be withheld from your deposit. Cleaning instruction>>.
  • If you would like to purchase your rental suit, 100% rental fees will be applied to the cost of the suit.

Contact us if you have any questions!