OMG Bikinis Competition Earrings Giveaway!!!



OMG Bikinis Competition Earrings Giveaway starts October 26th and ends November 7th

Learn how get your prize >> 
1. You MUST own OMG Bikinis posing suit, competition bikini or figure suit  and follow @omgcustombikinis on Instagram. 
2. Take a picture or video of yourself wearing your OMG Bikinis and make a post tagging @omgcustombikinis. 
Stage pictures are preferred for crystal bikinis!
3.  It has to be a permanent post with a tag, not a story!
4. Bikini you wear in your post has to be shown clearly and aesthetically. 
5. DM your post to us so we can review it and collect your shipping information. 
6. You'll get an access to a catalog of prizes and can choose your FREE competition earrings!
7. Get back to us with your choice, and we will mail your prize to you. All shipping expenses are on us!
8. Reminder: giveaway starts October 26th and ends November 7th, so make sure to post within this time frame. 
9. We provide ONE prize per customer! 
10. OMG Bikinis reserves rights to repost your content as it is. 
Looking forward to your participation!