Do I need molded bra cups for my competition suit or regular ones?

Ok, you're ready to order your competition suit but you're facing a dilemma. Do you need molded bra cups or regular triangle cups? What's the difference? Are there any benefits? 

We usually recommend molded bra cups to competitors with small breasts that need some volume or competitors with natural breasts that need more support. Athletes with implants do not really benefit from molded cups, here it's more of a personal preference. 

Our molded cups shaped slightly different from regular triangles and can greatly improve the way your cleavage will look. This type of cups is great for stuffing, they normally take way more stuffing if you need to make you breasts look bigger. Triangle cups also provide this opportunity but a bit limited in that. 

Molded cups are sturdier by nature and provide more support if you have larger natural breasts, make sure you tie your bra tight enough, so it doesn't move or slide and contain your breasts properly. Sometimes competitors with larger natural breasts run into 'side boob' situation, and here we recommend using bikini bite to keep them in place. 

Overall, molded bra is a great option with multiple benefits, OMG Bikinis offers this option for competition and posing suits. Don't know if you'll like them? Start with a posing suit, so you can see it for yourself! 

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