Bikini bottoms VS Wellness bottoms

How are bikini bottoms different from wellness bottoms and which ones do you need? Well, in a nutshell, bikini bottoms are for bikini division and wellness bottoms are for wellness girls. When you order your suit and choose your division, your suit maker knows what to do. The bottoms are identical when it comes to their back part, but the front part for wellness bottoms is v-shaped. It has an obvious scoop, that provides important benefits - it makes your legs look longer and your waist look thinner. How wonderful, right? Just raise your connectors higher and you're done! You just changed your proportions and improved your hourglass shape.

But if all this goodness is available for wellness division, can you wear v-shaped bottoms if you compete as bikini? Yes! There are plenty of examples of athletes of different scale wearing bottoms with v-shaped front on stage, including Olympians. However, if you have doubts, please remember that you can always reach out to the organizers of the show you planning to be a part of and clarify with them!

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